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                                     GWPFHA COMBINING WITH NORTHWEST AND CALIFORNIA REGIONS                                                2024-2026 BOD Ballot

     I’d like to announce to you that the PFHA Board of Directors has approved dissolving Northwest and California regions.  The good news about this is that Northwest and California regions will combine and join with Great Western region!                                                                            I find this really exciting because it broadens our geographic area to include more wonderful paso fino lovers to meet and whose company we can enjoy in our love for this amazing breed of horses!                                                                                                                                      The combining of Northwest and California regions with Great Western region will become effective January 1, 2024.                                                                                                                                       As part of this transition, it’s important that we each take the opportunity to vote for our Great Western Board of Directors candidates for the years 2024-2026.  Our new GW BOD will have a large task of setting up our new, broadened region.                                                                         Attached below is the ballot for you to fill out and either email or mail to me so that I receive it by November 19.  November 19 is the last day for voting. 

Thank you to those of you who have already sent me your ballot!

Jenny Sullivan                                                                                                                              President/Nominating Committee Chairperson

Ballot:  GW 2024 – 2026 Ballot

Ballot, PDF version:  pdf 2024 BOD Ballot



Excitement was growing as we prepared for the 2023 GWPFHA Annual Event held in Pocatello, ID on 22 & 23 September.  The plan was a trail ride in the mountains south of Pocatello on Friday and clinic with Christy Taylor on Saturday.  Between the trail ride and clinic, we had 9 members attending:  Cris Giles, Angie Gray, Jana Ellis, Kelly Miller, Jenny Sullivan, Newell and Cathy Crookston and Brad and Judi Bradbury.  We were so excited.  Then Mother Nature stepped in.

A week prior to the Event everyone started watching the weather forecast…..cold and rainy.  As we got closer to the date and with no signs of the weather improving, our trail riders started cancelling.  The trail ride was cancelled on Thursday, which was wise.  It started raining in Pocatello on Wednesday and continued through Friday evening.  And it was so cold!  Brad and I arrived Friday evening, unloading horses in the rain.

Saturday morning we awoke to blue skies and no sign of rain.  It was gorgeous.  Due to the bad weather (to include snow in Wyoming) Kelly Miller and the Crookstons notified us that they would be late.  I tacked and warmed up my horse and prepared for an early morning lesson with our clinician Christy Taylor.  I had taken lessons with Christy while I still lived in Utah.  But after a couple years absence, I needed a remedial lesson.  But we ended great.  Bottom line, Kelly, Newell, Cathy, Brad and I had a wonderful time, as did Christy.  Kelly’s biggest question before she left was, “When can we do this again!”

Our numbers may have been small, but it was a wonderful clinic.  And it was a bonus to see old friends and make new ones too.  And yes, I hope we can do this again!  



The Membership Committee and the Professional Paso Fino Trainers Association (PPFTA) have collaborated to deliver an exciting new program called “Ask The Trainer” for all PFHA members. Each month, a PPFTA trainer will be on a Zoom call to address questions directly submitted from the membership. The Zoom session will last 30 minutes, and questions must be submitted by the stated cutoff date. To keep these sessions brief, no additional questions will be permitted during the call.

  • Trainer of the Year in 1993
  • Co-Author of the Book “Horse Sense in Training” which is still in circulation
  • Paso Fino Breeder (at one time, the largest breeder of Paso Fino’s in the US)
  • International and Senior Certified Judge
  • President of PFHA for 2 terms
  • Past Chair of the Judges and Stewards Committee
  • Past Head Coach for Team USA
  • Hall of Fame Inductee in 2021

This exciting program will allow PFHA Members to send questions to the Membership Committee Chair at and the PPFTA President at  All questions must be received by August 5, 2023. The Zoom call will take place on August 31, 2023 at 7 p.m. CDST. Call-in information will be made available at a later date. Videos will be saved for later viewing & Translations will be available.

DISCLAIMER: Our guest trainers will do their best to answer your questions in the allotted time given. Keep in mind that these are just their opinions based on their experience and what you tell them about your horse/rider. You should always consult with your own trainer who can evaluate your particular horse, riding, or technique in person.

PPFTA TRAINERS: All current PPFTA members are welcome to be included as a featured “Ask The Trainer” guest trainer. Contact PPFTA President Christy Meyer for more information at or 314-265-8521 to submit yourself as the Featured Trainer on “Ask The Trainer.”





The Calendar of Events reflect events planned for the upcoming three months. All activities are listed to the best of our knowledge.  Some events require a date change or cancellation.  Please be flexible and understanding of any changes.
When you receive an activity announcement, please RSVP if you will attend or not.  If you plan to attend an event but have not received an announcement, please contact the responsible individual to verify the date, time and location.  If you would like to add an activity, please contact your chapter representative.
We welcome all information, announcements, and photos of members. We will include as many as possible in the next update.

NOTE:   2023-2024 PFHA Elections Results:
President:  Jeanne Griggs
Vice President:  BJ Schuller
Secretary:  Kathy Yarbrough
Treasurer:  Robin Ratliff
As of 15 Mar 2023, the PFHA BOD ratified the appointment of Amy Collingsworth as the Executive Director.  This appointment is effective immediately and will last through the duration of 2023.

Insurance and Equine Release Requirement Update
Due to the exorbitant increase of the cost for insurance, GWPFHA is unable to continue to provide insurance at our activities. As a result, the GWPFHA BOD has enacted an Equine Release requirement for participants in GWPFHA activities. The release form’s purpose is to protect the activity’s host(s) and GWPFHA against claims resulting from accidents occurring during a GWPFHA sponsored activity. Starting immediately, each participant in a GWPFHA activity must sign a release prior to the start of said activity. Hosts not requiring attendees to sign the GWPFHA Release assume all risks and legal responsibilities. Attached is the GWPFHA release form for your use.

GWPFHA Release Form, April 2019



This past summer we had a fund raising event which was a raffle.  There were two winners; each won a painting of their desired subject.  Artwork was created by a GWPFHA member.

This picture is of Don Rayo de Fianza.  He is a beloved Paso Fino belonging to Linda Bean.  Painting was executed by Anna Siciliano.

Raffle Prize Painting

Linda liked her painting so much, she bought a second painting from Anna.  It depicts Linda on Don Reyo on a ride in Logan Canyon.

Linda Bean on Don Rayo


Here is a website that has a good article about laminitis: