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                                             UPCOMING MEETINGS/EVENTS/ACTIVITIES                                                   (Date/Type of Activity/Point of Contact provided below)


07 AugustGW BOD Meeting – ZoomJudi Bradbury435-840-0224
22 AugustPFHA BOD Meeting – ZoomJudi Bradbury435-840-0224
30  OctoberGW BOD Meeting – Zoom Judi Bradbury435-840-0224
16 NovemberPFHA BOD Meeting – Zoom Judi Bradbury435-840-0224


DateEventPOCContact #Chapter
 01 Jun Chatfield State Park Valorie Walters 303-907-8208 CO
 01-02 June Emily Elias Working Equitation Clinic, Junction City, OR Mary Schoenheit541-232-7702 OR
 02 June Chatfield State Park Valorie Walters 303-907-8208 CO
05 JuneHarriman State ParkApril Carter208-403-6382ID
06 JuneHarriman State ParkApril Carter208-403-6382ID
06 JuneCoyote Coulee, Darby, MTJudi Bradbury435-840-0224MT
07 JuneLake Como, Darby, MTJudi Bradbury435-840-0224MT
08 JuneObstacle Course, Victor, MT  Angel’s Eyes Dog Sanctuary FundraiserEthan Zimmerman406-381-0987MT
10 JuneCalf Creek, Hamilton, MTJudi Bradbury435-840-0224MT
12 JuneHerriman ParkPat Clay208-403-2336ID
12 JuneLiberty/THT Practice, Hamilton, MTShawn Deming816-868-8019MT
13 JuneBLM Ride, Rawlins, WYMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
14 June BLM Ride, Rawlins, WYMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
15 JuneDawson Butte, Larkspur, COValorie Walters303-907-8208CO
15 JuneBLM Ride Rawlins, WYMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
15-20 JuneNehalem Bay State Park Camp & Ride, Manzanita, ORNeila Whitney503-819-8816OR
16 JuneStrawberry Creek, Medicine Bow ForestMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
20 JuneHarriman ParkPat Clay208-403-2336ID
19 June20 Mile Road, Rawlins, WYMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
21 JuneBridger Pass, WYMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
23 JuneBLM Ride, Rawlins, WYMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
26 JuneLiberty/THT Practice, Hamilton, MTShawn Deming816-868-8019MT
24-27 JuneTarryall CampoutValorie Walters303-907-8208CO
24 June Harriman ParkApril Carter208-403-6382ID
25 JuneHarriman ParkApril Carter 208-403-6382ID
26 JuneHarriman ParkApril Carter208-403-6382ID
27 JuneHarriman ParkApril Carter208-403-6382ID
28 JuneBLM Ride, Rawlins, WYMichelle Sidun307-321-6715WY
28 JuneHarriman ParkApril Carter208-403-6382ID
29 JuneHarriman ParkApril Carter208-403-6382ID
13-14 July**Trail Horse Test, Pocatello, ID (see fly and entry form below)Judi Bradbury435-840-0224ID
01-03 AugustLarry Wright Summer Classic, UABHA Horse Show, So Jordan, UTMichelle Sidun307-321-6715UT
24 AugustRancho Colton Play Day, Colton, ORElizabeth Reed503-824-2332OR

 **THT Entry Form:   

**THT Flyer:

DISCLAIMER:  The Calendar of Events reflect currently events planned. All activities are listed to the best of our knowledge.  Some events require a date change or cancellation.  Please be flexible and understanding of any changes.  If you’d like more information about the event, please contact the person listed in conjunction with the event.  
When you receive an activity announcement, please RSVP if you will attend or not.  If you plan to attend an event but have not received an announcement, please contact the responsible individual to verify the date, time and location.  If you would like to add an activity, please contact your chapter representative.
We welcome all information, announcements, and photos of members. We will include as many as possible in the next update. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR OREGON CHAPTER’S ACTIVITY:         As the Great Western PFHA Chapter Representative for Oregon, my first act is to announce a GW member, Paso Fino owner’s campout. The goal is to bring members together and invite all other Paso owners to join us and have some fun.  You do not have to be a current GWPFHA member to attend.

Dates:  June 15 to June 20, (Sat-Thurs)                                                                                        Where:  Nehalem Bay State Park, Manzanita, Oregon                                                            Who:  All members of the GWPFHA Region and all other Paso Fino owners who wish to join us. Reservations:  Make them now.  Online:

For more info:  Contact Neila Whitney                                                                                           GWPFHA Oregon Chapter Rep.                                                                  ,  503-819-8816                   

Insurance and Equine Release Requirement Update
Due to the exorbitant increase of the cost for insurance, GWPFHA is unable to continue to provide insurance at our activities. As a result, the GWPFHA BOD has enacted an Equine Release requirement for participants in GWPFHA activities. The release form’s purpose is to protect the activity’s host(s) and GWPFHA against claims resulting from accidents occurring during a GWPFHA sponsored activity. Starting immediately, each participant in a GWPFHA activity must sign a release prior to the start of said activity. Hosts not requiring attendees to sign the GWPFHA Release assume all risks and legal responsibilities. Attached is the GWPFHA release form for your use.GWPFHA Release Form, April 2019

RAFFLE PRIZE PAINTINGThis past summer we had a fund raising event which was a raffle.  There were two winners; each won a painting of their desired subject.  Artwork was created by a GWPFHA member.This picture is of Don Rayo de Fianza.  He is a beloved Paso Fino belonging to Linda Bean.  Painting was executed by Anna Siciliano.

Raffle Prize Painting

Linda liked her painting so much, she bought a second painting from Anna.  It depicts Linda on Don Reyo on a ride in Logan Canyon.

Linda Bean on Don Rayo

FOR YOUR HORSE’S HEALTH-LAMINITIS:Here is a website that has a good article about laminitis: