Fund Raising

The 2021 Ride-athon ended 31 July. 

Congratulations to Michelle Sidun the 1st Place Winner and to Judi Bradbury, the 2nd Place Winner.    

$725 was raised thru this event.  WOW!!!

Thanks to Jenny Sullivan, Fund Raising Committee Chair, for organizing the event.  


Link to event form:  RIDE-A-THON FORM 2021

I’m excited to announce our 2021 GWPFHA Ride-athon!

This is a fun event to raise funds for GW, and we need each member’s help!


The Ride-athon will be held from May 1 to July 31.  So what we do is obtain as many sponsors as we can and then ride like crazy during that time period.   The Ride-athon is done on an individual basis.  Each one of us who participates keeps track of how many hours we ride and who our sponsors are (link to the sponsorship form is at the start of this article).  

Just contact friends and family and ask if they’d like to be a sponsor and how much they’d like to donate per hour you ride from May 1 to July 31.  Keep track on your sponsorship form.

At the end of the Ride-athon, three prizes will be given for those who bring in the highest dollar amount of donations.

1st Place: Headstall and Reins

2nd Place:  Free 1-year GWPFHA Membership

3rd Place: Dewormer

Let’s continue getting our sponsors for our Ride-athon and RIDE, RIDE, RIDE for GW and for FUN, FUN, FUN!!

This is a fun event to raise funds for GW, and we need each member’s help!

POINT OF CONTACT:  Jenny Sullivan, Fund Raising Committee Chair, 435-680-2809


2020 Ride-A-Thon Fund Raising Event Results:

1st place winner:  Michelle Sidun  (Bridle)

2nd place winner:  Linda Bean  ($50 gift card to farm-type store)

3rd place winner:  Anna Siciliano  ($35 value family GW membership)